About Fischer Group International

Founded in 2000, Fischer Group International, LLC is a leading boutique, retained executive search firm with its partners having a successful track record of fulfilling, and often exceeding, our clients’ needs and expectations. We recruit for all senior level functions across an organization using the same proven process (C-suite, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, IT, etc.). Our clients range in size from $40M to several billion dollars in revenue and are located across the globe. We have a sub-practice dedicated to staffing portfolio companies of Private Equity firms.

At FGI we believe that our value is the instincts, experience, methodology and the intimate understanding of the organization we bring to every one of our assignments. We provide constant candidate flow and weekly status reports to every client.

Our success is predicated on the fact that we are a low volume, high value-added firm where each client receives our complete attention and effort by limiting the number of searches assigned to our seasoned recruiters. This guarantees that each search is executed with quality, urgency and complete focus.

The industries and geography we serve are broad. We have chosen the generalist search firm model to eliminate the extensive off-limits restrictions that the large, regional or specialized search firms often encounter, prohibiting them from contacting talent from their long lists of clients. Having a broad client base, we do not face these significant restrictions and can recruit from a much larger pool of target companies. The result - we are able to present our clients with the best and most qualified candidates in the marketplace.

Our Search Process

Fischer Group International, LLC follows a proven, well-established, search process on every assignment. It is designed to identify the best in class, thoroughly evaluate them and present a shortlist of recommended candidates within an agreed upon time frame.

 I. Planning & Preparation: Weeks 1-2 (Launch Search):

  • Meet relevant client executives to gain a clear understanding of the position. Determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required, offering insight and fresh perspectives on how clients can think about their needs. Analyze the challenges unique to the organization and the role. Aim to have a clear understanding of the client’s strategic objectives and business culture before we contact potential candidates, as we represent you, the client.
  • Based on the company’s overall goals and objectives, develop a customized position and candidate specification, detailing the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success, which guides the search.
  • Determine client priorities that will shape the search process.

II.  Determine Search Strategy:

  • Establish a geographic centric approach.
  • Conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find those with relevant skill-sets and qualifications.
  • Supplement our extensive knowledge of and relationships with senior executives across industries and functions.
  • Compile a target list of relevant companies for comment and approval.

III. Recruiting: Weeks 3-8 (Recruiting, Assessment and Evaluation of Candidates):

  • Since we partner with a select group of clients, we have few “off-limits” restrictions, which enables us to recruit the best candidates for every search.
  • Approach potential candidates to gauge their interest in the role, drawing on our insights about candidate aspirations and persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities.
  • Generate weekly progress reports to keep client well informed on progress of search.
  • Present a candidate that fits all of the qualifications. All future candidates will be as good as or better.
  • All resumes will be reformatted into a consistent manner to allow for efficient comparison.
  • Conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes outlined in the position specification.
  • Perform discreet referencing with trusted industry sources, when possible, to augment our assessment.
  • Verify education.

IV.  Closing Weeks

  • Once the candidates complete their interviews with the client, we will assist in the often complex offer process using information we have gathered throughout the search to put together an attractive package.
  • FGI follows up with the successful candidate and hiring executive to ensure a smooth transition and continues to follow up long after the search is completed.


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