What Clients Say Make Us Different

OFF-LIMITS We do not face the significant off-limits restrictions that large, specialized or regional search firms face. Large search firms often have sizable lists of clients from whom they are restricted from recruiting talent. Firms that specialize in a particular niche or region face similar off-limits restrictions. Consequently, those firms may not be able to present you with the best talent in the marketplace. Before a company engages a search firm, they should always ask the important question, “Who are your current clients that you cannot approach to recruit candidates?”  We have chosen to be a generalist firm for this reason. Having a broad client base, we can recruit from a much larger pool of target companies. We will not recruit talent from our clients for a period of two years from the date they award us an assignment.

EXPERIENCED SEARCH/BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS We have seasoned recruiters who personally handle your assignment from start to finish, including all research, phone screens, in-depth face-to-face screens, and weekly progress reports. We do not transfer assignments to junior personnel once it has been picked up.

DEDICATION TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT/STRICT ADHERENCE TO SCHEDULES Our success is predicated on the fact that we are a low volume, high value-added firm.  Each client receives our complete attention and effort by limiting the number of searches assigned to seasoned recruiters. This guarantees that each search is executed with the utmost quality, urgency and complete focus. Our goal is to find you the best talent in the marketplace in the shortest amount of time. An important question a company should ask a potential recruiter is “How many assignments are you working on currently?”.

RESEARCH DRIVEN Fischer Group International, LLC does not rely on databases to generate candidates, nor do we recycle second place candidates from previous searches, as is a common practice in other firms. We set a strategy and target companies to find the high performer you desire. We then actively call into these companies to locate the individuals who are doing the job and sell them on a better opportunity. Our searches customarily begin by saturating the local market to avoid relocation and expanding the geography only as necessary.

DIVERSITY FOCUSED We realize most companies are interested in having a diverse work force. Therefore, we are very mindful of searching for and presenting diverse candidates to our clients.

FREQUENT COMMUNICATION We provide you with weekly status reports to keep you up-to-date and aware of the progress being made in locating the ideal candidate for your business.

 FEE Our fee is the standard one-third of the successful candidate’s first year base and bonus. There are no hidden fees, including “set-up” or “research” fee that many other firms require.